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We think architecture can be head-turning without being head-scratching – that it can enhance its surroundings while sensibly and seamlessly meeting the expectations of all who will use the finished product.

Simply put, we create architecture with your goals and satisfaction in mind. After all, we know any architect can produce a design that looks impressive. But our focus is to not only create impressive architecture, but to also create buildings that effectively, efficiently, and fully meet the needs of our clients and those who will learn, live, and work in them.

Mission Statement

We create buildings of enduring quality that serve our clients for the long-run.

Our History

The oldest architecture firm in Hammond, La., Gasaway Gasaway Bankston traces its roots to 1973 when it was founded as Gossen Gasaway & Associates. Since then we have completed more than $300 million in work for public facilities around our region, and today we serve a diverse range of public and private clients.

Founder and senior partner Andrew Gasaway is a native of Ponchatoula, La. and the son of a builder. He came to the field of architecture with deep respect for the construction trades and extensive experience on the job site. His very first project as a licensed architect was the design of a Louisiana public high school.

Bret Gasaway followed in his father’s footsteps. A native of Hammond, he grew up with a family heritage of building that led to his career in architecture. He worked with a general contractor before earning his architecture degree in 1983. He joined the firm that same year and became a partner in 1989.

New Orleans native Chris Bankston joined the firm in 2006 and became a partner in 2007. He began his career in 1991. He started out working for a design build firm and then moved to a local design firm prior to joining GGB. LEED accredited, Chris has served as chairman of the U.S. Green Building Council, Louisiana chapter, Chair of the Green Schools Committee and President of the CEFPI (Council of Educational Facility Planners International), Louisiana chapter,.

We are proud of our track record for producing beautiful, high-functioning buildings and we look forward to serving your needs.

Firm Culture & Values

Our founder and our principals all began their careers working in the construction trades. They earned first-hand experience on the job site and gained insight directly from the types of building professionals they work with today as architects.

We think this background contributes to our firm’s unique identity and helps inform our well-grounded approach. Our work starts with an intimate understanding of the building process, long-term maintenance issues, and site-specific considerations, and we blend this with the needs and expectations of our clients to come up with the best possible solutions. It’s an approach that imbues our projects with quality you can feel upon completion and that you experience every day that the building is in use.

Further, we nurture a culture of cooperation and collaboration among our employees and with the consultants and contractors who bring our designs to life. We know that countless individual decisions go into every building, and we recognize that each of these decisions is an opportunity for our firm to support the client’s end goals. We lead our team with knowledge, perspective, and respect for the responsibilities entrusted to us by our clients, and we empower our people to make the right decisions for their projects.