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Accessible, accountable and innovative, we ensure that your vision, your budget, and our work are always in sync and on target.

Change orders can seem like just a way of life when you work with some architects. But not with us. We know that by listening and clearly understanding a client’s goals, the problems are weeded out and the solutions are worked in right from the start. A genuine dedication to this approach helps set our firm apart.

Schematic Design

This first phase of our process is when the concept behind a project takes shape. It’s an analysis of the entire job and its goals, and naturally it begins by listening carefully to what a client wants and needs and providing our insight on how each aspect of the work ahead can meet these aims.

This is also the stage when we develop a project’s budget. We know that realistic development and budget goals are key to making – and keeping — a project viable, so we take these considerations very seriously and we keep them under close watch as a project moves forward.

Design Development

Once architects and the client agree on a project’s preliminary concept, we further develop the plan for just how the building will work, from elevations to floor plans to the layout of building systems. We bring in the engineers, contractors, and other consultants who will work with us, and these specialists enhance the designs with their own professional input.

Design development is also the stage of our process when clients can really see how our investments in technology will pay off for them. For instance, we make extensive use of Autodesk Revit, a building information modeling (BIM) software system that allows us to draw plans in 3D. This enables us to present a more clear and complete picture to clients and helps us quickly incorporate their feedback.


We believe sustainability should be an integral part of any project because of the long-term performance benefits it delivers for a building’s owners and users. While “green” and “sustainable” are buzzwords in the industry these days, the principles behind them have always been a part of our approach and they are part of our firm’s heritage.

Our founder Andrew Gasaway was a charter member of the Hammond Historic Commission, which has encouraged extensive adaptive reuse of important historic structures in our hometown, while partner Chris Bankston was among the first architects in Louisiana to be accredited through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Chris was also a founder of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Louisiana chapter and has served as chairman of its Green Schools Committee.

Whether a project is suitable for possible LEED certification or not, we incorporate techniques to produce healthy buildings that require less energy as standard practice in our designs. Simply put, we make sure sustainability can be an affordable, sensible part of our clients’ projects.

Technical Capabilities

We keep abreast of the latest industry innovations and deliver them in a coherent and accessible way that works for our clients. Our commitment to delivering the best possible solutions means we keep ourselves ahead of technology’s ever-expanding curve in the architecture field. We invest the time and resources to ensure that our projects benefit from the top-of-the-line tools now available, and we adapt their potential to meet the specific needs of our local clients.

We use building information modeling (BIM) software, such as Autodesk Revit, to help capture and analyze early concepts and better maintain our designs through documentation and construction. These systems help us share key design data and models with our clients and consultants and they support our overall collaborative approach.

Construction Documents

This final stage of the design process leads to the fully-dimensioned, detailed plans and schedules that will document the project. These are the drawings a construction contractor will use to bid, permit, and build the project, so we ensure that they reflect the client’s true wishes and address the goals and needs for the project.

This is another phase where our commitment to listening, collaborating, and remaining accessible through the process sets us apart. Through relationships built over the decades, we have developed a rapport with our construction consultants that make a difference on the job site. With up-to-the-minute reviews with clients and regular meetings convening all parties involved with the job, we are better able to track a project and respond to any issues that arise.